In 2005 he started his project "Silentalk", with his first remix of Under the line by Curl, a French electronic band;  during the same year, which produced three more tracks, one of which is Closer, cover of Nine Inch Nails.

In 2010, he began his solist path and different collaborations with international artists, giving birth to his first album named Sixteen Miles, distributed digitally and analogically all over the world  .

From here, many remixes of Flatner and others, like Dimitri Andreas etc.

In the same year he started playing several clubs and then he recorded his second album "Linalove" on the Revox label.

During this last year, his new production on Godeeva Records with his friend Danilo Vigorito took Venola overseas, to USA on tour, even at the music conference of Miami.

His third and latest album was released on March, this year, with the German label Outball records

Chris loves music in its entirety, expressing himself in order to get into symbiosis with others who, like him, use the music as an expression of freedom.

My sounds influences

Deep House
Trip Hop
Vibration (feat. Modeling Motion) (Original Mix) Disintegration Feat Iolanda Ginestra (Original Mix) Let Me Take You (feat. Geoffrey De Vai) (Original Mix) DOPE (Original Mix) – Lapsus Music Chris Venola - AD LUMEN - Track 08 - Ludicium (short version) - Outball Records Danilo Vigorito, Chris Venola - Easy Guitar (Original Mix) [GO DEEVA RECORDS] Amedeo Grisi - Invisibile -Chris Venola - Libera (Dub Version) - 16Bits 44.1Khz@BFS Chris Venola - Been Loved (Original Mix) - 16Bits 44.1Khz@BFS Chris Venola - Basic Concept (Original Mix) - 16Bits 44.1Khz@BFS Chris Venola - I Can See (Original Mix) - 16Bits 44.1Khz@BFS Chris Venola - Far From Trubles (Original Mix) - 16Bits 44.1Khz@BFS Chris Venola - Odissey (Original MixV2) - 16Bits 44.1Khz@BFS